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In our examples directory you find a number of examples written in ask!.

We provide some samples written in Ask!:

To build a single example navigate to the root of the example and run:

npx pl-ask-cli compile 
  • flipper : shows how to flip a boolean.
  • incrementer : shows how to load, modify and restore a state variable.
  • crosscall : shows how to do a cross call between contracts written in ink! and Ask!.
  • erc20: shows how to write an ERC20 contract with Ask!.
  • erc721: shows how to write an ERC721 contract with Ask!.
  • composite: shows how to store / reload composite data types.

For example, npx pl-ask-cli compile erc20/index.ts will yield.

project│   package-lock.json  |└───node_modules└───contracts│   ├── index.ts│   └── erc20.ts└───build│   ├── index.wasm│   └── metadata.json