# Elara

In Polkadot, Kusama or Parachain, RPC is the interface between Dapp and the network. As the Polkadot network continues to expand, more and more parachains will be online, and more and more parachains will support smart contract functions. Faced with more and more parallel chains, developers need to build and maintain multiple chain node RPCs in order to interact with them, which will be a huge development cost for them.

Whether it is facing the development and testing needs of developers, or users' online Dapp usage needs, convenient, convenient, fast and stable network access is one of the necessary conditions. Therefore, providing developers and ordinary users with a unified and simplified network access service capability is a necessary support for serving Dapp developers, and it is also the infrastructure of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Elara's goal is to build an infrastructure and network public access service similar to Infura, to provide developers with a unified access layer with multiple connections. We will create a universal architecture that can easily access Polkadot, Kusama, various parachains and various substrate chains, that is, focus on serving Polkadot and Kusama, while maintaining scalability, and benefiting the entire Substrate ecosystem.

In addition, as part of the smart contract development ecosystem service, Elara will be integrated with other components of the Patract Suite in the future, and will be fully integrated in terms of contract development environment support, development tool components, contract deployment and application release, and simplify the application foundation. Architecture allows developers to focus on building upper-level applications.

Currently, we have provided online service elara.patract.io. The community is welcome to use Elara: -Everyone can use Polkadot provided by Elara and the public shared RPC services of multiple ecological mainnets (such as wss://polkadot.elara.patract.io and https://polkadot.elara.patract.io). -Developers can visit elara.patract.io to obtain exclusive online services with free access to multiple networks.

More information:

Github: https://github.com/patractlabs/elara (opens new window)

Homepage: https://elara.patract.io (opens new window)

Docs:https://docs.elara.patract.io/ (opens new window)