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ink! Framework

All the main functions of ink! are implemented in the ink/crates directory:

  • crates:
    • allocator: related to Wasm, define allocator, developers do not need to care in most cases
    • env: Provides components that interact with the chain. In summary, the parts related to the chain will be placed here, including
      • host function part
      • Some types and trait definitions that need to be imported
      • topic of event
    • lang: The definition component of the eDSL process macro, the contract specification is determined by this place
    • metadata: components that generate metadata
    • prelude: A package that needs to be imported in advance during the contract writing process, including some standard libraries
    • primitives: pointers to operating state storage, developers do not need to care in most cases
    • storage: provide chain storage allocation model and provide some predefined storage collection types