Substrate Contracts Book

# Substrate Contracts Book

# Introduction

This book introduces a series of knowledge related to the contract system in Substrate. The book is written by Aten @atenjin, who comes from Patract ( (opens new window)) @patractlabs (opens new window). You can check the repository of this book on GitHub (opens new window) and we welcome you to contribute to this book.

Because pallet-evm, which is the contract of EVM/solidity system, has relatively rich information in the Ethereum ecosystem, pallet-evem will not be explained as a key point in this contract book. Other contract systems, such as pallet-actor, or libra transplantation contract platform, are in a relatively early stage of research, so they will not be mentioned in this book either.

This book focuses on pallet-contracts, which is the WASM contracts, and contains the following topics:

  • pallet-contracts: the contract platform (also referred as contract module) to run the contract
  • Language for writing contracts, which are:
    • ink!
    • Ask!
    • Solang
  • Tools to develop contracts, which are:
    • Redspot
    • Europa
    • Elara
    • and so on..

To make contract developers to better understand how the pallet-contracts module and WASM contracts work, this book also includes some information about WASM and blockchain contract models.