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Jupiter testnet


Jupiter is a contract test network that is maintained by Patract, contains Patract contract design specifications and is compatible with the latest pallet-contracts module. Jupiter has three types of nodes, namely:

  • jupiter-dev node suitable for local quick test.
  • Independently run the jupiter-prep independent testnet that provides the latest contract functions to the outside world.
  • Parachain of jupiter contract running on relay-chain.

The key configuration of those three block chain network are basically the same, such as contract weight, block limit size etc. The specific configuration need to check Jupiter network.

The repository of Jupiter is

After compile jupiter successfully, there are there executable file: jupiter-dev, jupiter-prep, jupiter in target/release directory.

In the repository above, The Node implementation of those there network are:

  • directory bin/node-dev: local develop mode, convenient for developer to test contract quickly
  • directory bin/node-prep: testnet mode,use PoA authorities, support contract deploy, invoke
  • directory bin/node: parachain testnet mode,use Aura authorities, support contract deploy, invoke

And the Runtime implementation of those there network are:

  • directory runtime/jupiter-dev
  • directory runtime/jupiter-prep
  • directory runtime/jupiter

Note: for the third mode, as currently relaychain(such as Westend) don't support Sandbox HostFunction, we're running our own private Westend testnet. Once relaychain support this feature afterward, we'll switchover to official relaychain.


  • 1.0.0: Jupiter PoA network release, including jupiter-prep and jupiter-dev
  • 1.0.1: Setting Jupiter PoA ss58prefix to 26, from now on Jupiter will use 26 as address ss58prefix
  • 1.0.2: Support Zero-Knowledge、randomness
  • 1.0.3: Add Parachain feature, support XCMP cross chain transfer, and Jupiter PC1 network release


Patract's FRAME contracts pallet (We will name it as pallet-patracts in future)

Patract FRAME contracts pallet contains our ChainExtension to provide many particular features for contracts, and contains some compatible modifications.

  • ChainExtension
    • Contract Logger support, refer to this project link ink-log
    • Zero-Knowledge support, refer to this link PIP-101
  • Patract modifications (pallet-patracts)
    • // No features for now.

Thus we call "src pallet-contract" for the pallet-contract module which comes from substrate directly, and call "modified pallet-contracts" for the pallet-contract which comes from our forked substrate repo in vendor directory.


  • src pallet-contract: support Patract ChainExtension
  • modified pallet-contract: support Patract ChainExtension and Patract modifications

Note1:Patract intergration of contract module,refer to this project link patracts

Note2:The ChainExtension of Zero-Knowledge refer to this link zkmega