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In Redspot v0.4, we added support for using docker to compile contracts. This will ensure that the compiled wasm code being consistent across different platforms.

Currently, will use redspot/contract docker to compile and run the testnet. It is modified on the basis of contract docker image provided by Parity Tech.


If the machine has a Docker environment. A testnet can be run by Docker. The canvas testnet is currently built-in.

You can run the testnet with the following command.

$ npx redspot testnet

This equivelent of running

$ docker run -p 9944:9944 --rm redspot/contract /bin/bash -c "canvas --tmp --dev --ws-port=9944 --ws-external"  

To modify the default running command, add the command parameter.

$ npx redspot testnet --command 'docker run -p 9945:9944 --rm redspot/contract /bin/bash -c "canvas --tmp --dev --ws-port=9944 --ws-external"'

Or modify the redspot.config file.

  docker: {    sudo: false,    runTestnet:      "docker run -p 9944:9944 --rm redspot/contract /bin/bash -c 'canvas --rpc-cors all --tmp --dev --ws-port=9944 --ws-external'",  }

Compile on docker#

Currently Redspot only supports ink! contract docker compilation, to configure the docker env, modify the docker entry in redspot.config.ts

  docker: {    sudo: false,    runTestnet:      "docker run -p 9944:9944 --rm redspot/contract /bin/bash -c 'canvas --rpc-cors all --tmp --dev --ws-port=9944 --ws-external'",  }

Before running the compile command, make sure that Docker is installed on the machine. Run the following command.

$ npx redspot compile --docker true

Note When using Docker to compile, it may be affected by the network environment. For example, China requires a VPN proxy, which will cause the compilation time to be too long. If you usectrl+cto exit the current compilation command halfway, the Docker container will not automatically stop deleting.

Note If you encounter permission errors, please set docker.sudo in the redspot.config file to true. This will use sudo to run Docker . Or refer to the official Docker documentation to configure permissions.