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Setup Enviroment


Please follow the guide on ink! to setup rust, cargo and cargo-contracts

Please follow the guide on Nodejs to install node and npm

Install NPX

sudo npm install -g npx

Setup Local Test Node#

You will need blockchain node based on substrate with Contracts pallet module to deploy the contracts and test them.

What is substrate

Substrate is the blockchain framework to help developers craft their own blockchain faster, easier and safer.

What is pallet-contracts

The FRAME Contracts pallet is a module within substrate that provides functionality for a Substrate runtime to deploy and execute WebAssembly Smart Contracts.

  • Canvas (test node by substrate)
cargo install canvas-node --git --tag v0.1.9 --force --locked

Start Canvas

canvas --dev --tmp
cargo install europa --git= --force --locked

Start Europa

europa --tmp

Install Redspot#

Redspot supports npx, so you don't have to install Redspot locally. To start your first Redspot project using Redspot built-in templates, check Quick Start