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@redspot_chai plug-in


The plug-in provides a set of matchers that are easy to write contract test cases, and the design is inspired by waffle.


$ yarn add @redspot/chai

Add this to your redspot.config.ts:

import '@redspot/chai'



The @redspot/chai plug-in will modify the default equal matching method. The default equal does not support matching objects,but @redspot/chai plugin can.

expect(new BN(1000)).to.equal(1000); // trueexpect(AccountId).to.equal('5Gdjkw....'); // trueexpect(Uint8Array([1, 2, 3])).to.equal('0x010203'); // true
  • For the BN type, equal will call new BN(expected).eq(actual) and judge whether it is equal.
  • For the types defined in Polkadot.js, equal will call Type.eq(actual) and judge whether they are equal.
  • For uint8Array type, equal will convert them to hexadecimal, and then judge whether they are equal.
  • For other types, the default judgment method is used to judge whether they are equal.


The matcher can detect changes in the balance of erc20, and internally calls the balanceOf interface to determine the balance. Since the interface for obtaining balance of erc20-trait is baseErc20, balanceOf,changeTokenBalance is not applicable to erc20-trait.

await expect(() =>  contract.tx.transfer(receiver.address, 7)).to.changeTokenBalance(contract, receiver, 7);await expect(() =>  contract.tx.transfer(receiver.address, 7)).to.changeTokenBalances(contract, [contract.signer, receiver], [-7, 7]);


The matcher can detect whether the contract emits an event. Here is an example:

  • Detect whether a Transfer event is emitted

    await expect(contract.tx.transfer(receiver.address, 7)).to.emit(  contract,  'Transfer');
  • Detect whether the event contains the specified parameters

    await expect(contract.tx.transfer(receiver.address, 7))  .to.emit(contract, 'Transfer')  .withArgs(sender.address, receiver.address, 7);
  • Don't expect to emit events

    await expect(  contract.tx.transfer(sender.address, 7, {    signer: emptyAccount  })).to.not.emit(contract, 'Transfer');