# tutorial

# The chain based on Substrate introduces  zkMega's zero-knowledge primitives

The chain integration zkMega with pallet-contracts can refer to Jupiter's integration method: [https://github.com/patractlabs/jupiter/blob/master/primitives/chain-extension/src/lib.rs](https:/ /github.com/patractlabs/jupiter/blob/master/primitives/chain-extension/src/lib.rs)

The main steps are mainly divided into the following steps:

  1. Design a structure implemented in ChainExtension

  2. Determine the range of func_id in the implementation of call of ChainExtension, according to PIP-101 (opens new window), the current range required to use zkMega is 0x01000000..=0x010000ff. Therefore, it can be introduced in the implementation:

    match func_id {
            // 0x01000000-0x010000ff Patract ZKP Support
            0x01000000..=0x010000ff => {
  3. Then introduce the gas billing method in the code block of 0x01000000..=0x010000ff. Different chains may design different billing methods for the methods called by zkMega. In Jupiter's case, only the simplest way to design a fixed consumption of gas:

    let simple_weight = match func_id & 0x01 {
            0 => 100_000,   // add, In ethereum: 500
            1 => 8_000_000, // 80x then add, In ethereum: 40000
            2 => {/* ...*/ }
            _ => return Err(DispatchError::Other("Unimplemented Patract ZKP func_id"));
  4. Implement different implementations according to whether the chain itself needs Native call or Wasm call:

    For example, if the chain only wants to support Wasm calls, use the following method:

    zkmega_arkworks::call(&func_id, &input);

    If the chain wants to execute the call on Native, it can be similar to Jupiter, design runtime_inferface to wrap the call of zkmega_arkworks::call, and put the call process under std to compile. Then call the method exported by runtime_interface in the implementation of ChainExtensions.

# The interface for calling zkMega's zero-knowledge primitives in the contract

It is relatively simple to use zkMega in the contract. First introduce megaclite-arkworks in contract dependencies

megaclite-arkworks = { git = "https://github.com/patractlabs/zkmega", features = [ "ink" ], default-features = false }

Please note that you need to use the ink feature when importing the zkMega library.

Then you can use the methods provided by zkMega in the contract:


If it is a relatively low-level call, you can call it directly through call:

let func_id = /*id defined in PIP-101*/
megaclite_arkworks::verify(func_id, ...);