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Extending Metis

Such components can extend their functions by inheriting other components, such as an ERC20 component with the function of destroying tokens:

pub trait Impl<E>: erc20::Impl<E>where    E: Env,{    fn _burn(&mut self, account: &E::AccountId, amount: E::Balance) -> Result<()> {        //...    }
    fn burn(&mut self, amount: E::Balance) -> Result<()> {        self._burn(&Self::caller(), amount)    }
    fn burn_from(&mut self, account: &E::AccountId, amount: E::Balance) -> Result<()> {        //...    }}

Based on metis, we can implement various contract combination modes implemented by Solidity through inheritance under limited intent, and at the same time, with the help of rust's zero-cost abstraction, these abstractions will not bring additional performance consumption.