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Use Metis components

!> Warnning: We can redefine the name of metis component, but we should keep in mind that all component names should be changed after import.

Note this:

    use metis_component_xxx1 as xxx1;

if we use the xxx1 be the alias of the metis_component_xxx1, so the all tag of components should be xxx1:

  • The import marco for contract
  • The name of item in contract struct type
  • The metis marco for event

For example:

pub mod contract {    // use the component: xxx1 and xxx2    use metis_component_xxx1 as xxx1;
    #[ink(storage)]    #[import(xxx1)] // The `import` marco for contract, should be xxx1    pub struct Contract {        //  The name of item in contract struct type, should be xxx1        xxx1: xxx1::Data<Contract>,    }
    #[ink(event)]    #[metis(xxx1)] // The `metis` marco for event    pub struct OwnershipTransferred {    }