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Currently we (Patract) support zkMega in testnet Jupiter ( and contract debug sandbox Europa ( And any substrate based chain which uses pallet-contracts v3.0.0 could integrate zkMega.

if the pallet-contracts Wasm contract chain use zkMega, then the following contract could run normally in those chain.


TODO this example is wrong for current version!

#![cfg_attr(not(feature = "std"), no_std)]
#[ink::contract]mod altbn128 {    use ink_env::zk_snarks::AltBn128;    use ink_prelude::string::String;
    #[ink(storage)]    pub struct Altbn128 {        value: String,    }
    impl Altbn128 {        #[ink(constructor)]        pub fn new(init_value: String) -> Self {            Self { value: init_value }        }
        #[ink(constructor)]        pub fn default() -> Self {            Self::new("hello, world".into())        }
        #[ink(message)]        pub fn bn_256_add(&mut self) {            let mut result = [0; 64];            ink_env::inflect_add::<AltBn128>(&[], &[], &mut result);            self.value = ink_prelude::format!("0x{:x?}", result);        }
        #[ink(message)]        pub fn get(&self) -> String {            ink_prelude::format!("{}", &self.value)        }    }}